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Revolutionizing Learning: The Power of AI in Education

October 23, 2023 Elias Khnaser Season 2 Episode 14
Let's Talk Shop
Revolutionizing Learning: The Power of AI in Education
Show Notes

In this exciting episode, we dive deep into the world of education, AI, and the future of learning. Join us as we catch up with a dear old friend, Gary Eimerman, and explore the latest trends and innovations in the field of education.

Gary, with over a decade of experience at Pluralsight and a track record of transforming the learning landscape, shares his insights into the evolution of online education. He reflects on his time at Pluralsight, leading up to his recent departure and transition into a semi retirement—a surprising twist for someone known for their boundless energy.

But the retirement was short-lived, and Gary return as the Chief Learning Officer of Multiverse.io. An outstanding alternative to college and corporate training via professional apprenticeships.

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