Let's Talk Shop

Let's Talk Shop With Netskope's Steve Riley

August 31, 2022 Elias Khnaser Season 1 Episode 10
Let's Talk Shop
Let's Talk Shop With Netskope's Steve Riley
Show Notes

Today's episode of Let's Talk Shop has been a long time coming. In a technology-driven world, security is woven into the fabric of society. It's time to talk security and who better to do it with than with NetSkope's field CTO and former Gartner colleague and security analyst Steve Riley. We talked cloud security, edge security, we talk about ESG and the potential threats from hacktivists (that was a really really interesting scenario I had not thought of). Great episode!

Steve's info:
► LinkedIn: https://bit.ly/3TpB7xC
► Email: sriley netskope com

Zero trust is only a starting point; the goal is continuous adaptive trust (blog post by me)
► https://bit.ly/3RhCgWa

The importance of correctly configuring all the clouds (more blog)
► https://bit.ly/3cCy0Si
► https://bit.ly/3KyXlJt

WEF global risks
► https://bit.ly/3KKktFf

Capital One reporting
► https://bit.ly/3R1CiBS
► https://bit.ly/3wFVEnY

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