Let's Talk Shop

Let's Talk Shop With Pluralsight's Gary Eimerman

April 20, 2022 Elias Khnaser Season 1 Episode 6
Let's Talk Shop
Let's Talk Shop With Pluralsight's Gary Eimerman
Show Notes

In the midst of the “Great Resignation”, employees are leaving their jobs in droves and organizations are struggling to find ways to upskill existing employees and attract new talent. On this episode of Let’s Talk Shop, I host Pluralsight’s GM of Skills Gary Eimerman. Gary shares with us what’s new at Pluralsight and what tools organizations have at their disposal to upskill their IT Professionals. Gary also shares with us what Pluralsight offer individuals to self-assess and plot a course for upskilling and staying ahead of the game. We talked about the Metaverse too and how Pluralsight might be able to leverage it to offer a more immersive training experience. The conversation with Gary is incredibly informative and I thoroughly enjoyed the conversation.  

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